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Today's children are growing up in a rapidly changing world characterised by dramatic shifts in all walks of life. Our school's endeavour is to create an environment that allows them to keep abreast with the changed scenario and make them efficient to move further accordingly.

The aim of the school is to equip each child with a comprehending power so that he may work with clarity and efficiency. A far more important mission is to create such an environment, as may develop in them all the attributes of a good human being. This means giving the child an opportunity to flower in goodness so that he/she is rightly related to people, things and ideas. The cultivation of global outlook, love for nature and a concern for fellow human beings are all parts of the scheme. Teachers' attempt is to create an atmosphere of space, freedom, care and security to enlarge their horizon and growth.


Early years of child's education are very crucial in shaping his/her future growth. Therefore the child needs to be guided properly. In this respect, two factors- hereditary and environment come in the forefront to carve out the bright future of the child. Having no control on hereditary factors being the domain of medical sciences, the environment should be viewed seriously. Giving our children the valuable time to share and discuss their problems will make them feel good. They get the due recognition they deserve and will enhance their confidence.

Often, we as parents tend to plan things for our children ignoring their own inclination and capabilities. Proper communication and congenial environment will foster in them a confidence and the spirit to pursue a better career. It is my strong belief that each child being unique and having potential to perform, needs a healthy environment to turn his/her capabilities into a tremendous success.


No parent wants his kid to be dull or a laggard. Rather he wants him to be bright & blossoming. Being more practical, we need to ask ourselves whether we are doing what we ought to do, to give a congenial environment to our child. So, let us find its solution.

Few notable points are:-

  1. Parents must spend quality time with their children.
  2. Family environment should be such that it is conducive to the studies of children.
  3. Parents should not expect unrealistic levels of achievement from our children. They are likely to be under stress. The same will do more harm than good.
  4. Never compare your kids with other children. Any type of criticism may make them behave abruptly.
  5. Parents need to play a role model for their kids.
  6. Children must be made to learn the importance of disciplined life and time management. Good habits and moral values need to be inculcated in them.
  7. Academic acumen depends on the development of reading habits. Parents therefore need to share stories which convey moral values. It is a scientifically proven fact that children who love reading normally have higher IQ level. Besides, it would help in the development of linguistic skills. The same would help the kids tackle the competitive exams with a far greater ease.
    • A point of caution, we must ensure that children should not be left unattended with any type of books. Rather, we need to select books and see that they are read under parental guidance in the early years of informal and formal schooling.
    • Another advantage of the above activity will curtail kids' time of watching T.V. programmes to which they are highly vulnerable.
  8. Give children an opportunity by way of loving, caring and understanding their psychology. Then see the wonders they can do.
  9. Children are inquisitive by nature so, parents should not ignore their queries. Most of the problems can be kept at bay if proper communication takes place on a regular basis.
  10. Education is not merely cramming a few answers to pass any examination. Even students of middle to senior secondary classes resort to rote learning. Development of linguistic skills and understanding of the concepts followed by practice, solve many academic problems of kids. Motivation and not marks should be parent’s focus.
  11. Motivation and not marks should be parent's focus. Understanding the above, the school does its best to provide a very congenial environment in the school.

Understanding the above, the school does its best to provide an atmosphere where children bloom in every aspect of their learning process and as an individual.


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