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To instill a sense of res-ponsibility and to provide our students [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Physical Education is an integral part of the mod-ern concept [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Rockfield proudly grabs the golden opportunity of being an active [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Students inoculate the notion of good and evil by the influences [ More ]



Each child comes with unique strengths, challenges and needs. We, at Rockfield maintain high standards expecting that all the students when graduate the highest class will be equipped with academics of the highest order and groomed with various values that enable them to be confident and courageous enough to make their niche in the outside world.

In the coming years, we visualise to enable our Rockfielders to come out of their cocoons and make a confident journey into the vast world to dispel the darkness around them with the light of their knowledge, wisdom and skills. Our School management moves ahead on its odyssey to bloom and blossom the future citizens and to spread the message of love, peace and joy with fresh energy and vitality.