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Rockfield Public School


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Rockfield Public School


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Rockfield Public School


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Rockfield Public School


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Prefectorial Board

The Rockfielders are groomed to become worthy citizens of tomorrow, to experience the exuberant as well as the tumultuous moments so as to emerge out indefatigable in the years to come. To imbibe ethics, discipline, moral and high values in them at the root level, a team of prefects is formulated by the school. The Prefectorial Board is selected by the discipline masters, Incharges and the Principal, after scrutinizing various aspects required to play as role models.

The Prefectorial Board helps to:

  1. Maintain the decorum of the school.
  2. Motivate students to follow rules and regulations.
  3. Assist the discipline masters and teachers to maintain discipline.
  4. Help in organising different competitions and functions.


To enhance and encourage the various skills and talents of the students and to infuse competitive spirit among them, inter house competitions are held time to time. Students are segregated into four houses namely NYAYA, NEETI, NISHTHA, NIRMAN. Each house has its own identity in the form of colour and motto.

Name of the house Colour Motto
NYAYA Maroon Unity, Progress, Justice
NEETI Green Honour lies in honest toil
NISHTHA Orange Together we will make a difference
NIRMAN Blue We make it happen


School organised an Investiture Ceremony on August 1, 2014 to appoint the students’ council for the academic session 2014-15. Members of the newly elected students’ council took an oath to uphold the prestige of the school by maintaining the decorum and discipline in the school and act as role models for their peers Principal Ms. Meenakshi Sharma gave prefectural badges to the council members. She also encouraged the students to excel in every endeavour and emphasised the need for young minds to uphold the values and ethos of the school while discharging their duties. On behalf of council members, the head girl, Harmeet Kaur, and head boy Rahul Ahuja thanked all those present for reposing faith in them and promised to perform their duties sincerely.