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Rockfield Public School


To instill a sense of res-ponsibility and to provide our students [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Physical Education is an integral part of the mod-ern concept [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Rockfield proudly grabs the golden opportunity of being an active [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


A creative compilation and beautiful rendition of rockfielders' expressions.[ More ]


The faculty of Rockfield Public School consists of full time highly qualified staff, who have extensive teaching experience. The faculty is both a teacher and a guide, an expert in his/her field. All the staff members are involved in some or the other school activity as house masters, discipline masters, editorial board, sports and assembly incharges, to name a few.


The tenderest gift of Mother Nature to humanity is a ‘child’. A child is like a flower bud. As a flower bud is nurtured into a beautiful flower by a gardener who extends his perseverance and care towards it. Similarly, the teachers at Rockfield plays a vital role in nurturing the growth by providing the wholesome environment i.e. love of mother, security and guidance of guardian to the child and fosters the intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic development. To ensure the all-round development of a child, the interaction between the teachers and the students is the need of the hour. Teachers' role comes into limelight to guide and encourage the children to respect and value our cultural heritage, family system, infuse charm for Indian values and become good citizens.