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To instill a sense of res-ponsibility and to provide our students [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Physical Education is an integral part of the mod-ern concept [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


Rockfield proudly grabs the golden opportunity of being an active [ More ]

Rockfield Public School


A creative compilation and beautiful rendition of rockfielders' expressions.[ More ]


Library : By the medium of developing reading habits, students are made to realise the fact that books are their best friends. It may be for exploring the subject in detail or reading adventurous stories, school library attracts the children at its doorsteps.
Computer Lab: In today's world, one has to come up to the competitive world in intelligence and this need is accomplished with the updated technologies present in the software of our hi-tech computer systems. To enable this every student has an access to computer.
Science Lab: Demonstrations are always helpful in understanding and knowing the subject better especially science where practical knowledge plays a vital role. RPS is equipped with well designed laboratory having sufficient space. Modern equipments and safety measures are available with an aim to lead our students to step ahead.
Math Lab: School emphasizes on conceptual learning. Hence to make the complex mathematical concepts more clear and simpler, it has a well equipped Math lab.

Classroom Library: To enhance the reading skills of the students, the elementary classes are equipped with classroom library facility, where story books and other reading material of their level are made available at all times.

Interactive Classroom: The kindergarten classrooms are equipped with audio visual interactive aids to make learning fun and more real for the tiny tots.

E-Learning: To make the concepts of each subject more understandable and to empower the young minds with latest technology, e-learning is emphasized.