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To instill a sense of res-ponsibility and to provide our students [ More ]

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Physical Education is an integral part of the mod-ern concept [ More ]

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Rockfield proudly grabs the golden opportunity of being an active [ More ]

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Students inoculate the notion of good and evil by the influences [ More ]


A school magazine explores the hidden talents of students in literary, cultural and sports activities. It is a medium between the society and the school enabling the people to understand the achievements of the students, teachers and the school as a whole. We, at Rockfield aim to teach our students to go beyond assimilation of facts and figures.

Srijan, the school magazine is positively a miniscule step in this direction as it explores our students’ talents and abilities and provides them a platform to bring it forth. No wonder, Srijan is the outcome of meticulous efforts and dedication of Rockfielders that envisage moulding their personality to make them responsible citizen of our country.